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Belgium, nestled in the central region of Western Europe, presents a unique blend of cultural liveliness, historical allure, and a thriving academic environment. Belgium’s diverse regions, Flanders and Wallonia, each possessing a unique language and cultural legacy, equip international students in pursuit of a world-class education with a rich tapestry of experiences.
The dedication of Belgium to education is apparent in its esteemed universities, such as the University of Ghent and the KU Leuven, both of which are consistently ranked among the top institutions worldwide.
In addition to its notable academic achievements, Belgium attracts visitors with its remarkable combination of historical landmarks, artistic masterpieces, and gastronomic joys. Belgium is a mecca for art and history enthusiasts, with the enchanting medieval villages of Bruges and Ghent and the breathtaking glory of the Grand Place in Brussels.
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Top Universities in the Belgium

Belgium is a popular choice for overseas students since it provides top-notch education, a welcoming and diverse community,

University in the Belgium
KU Leuven
Ranked 70th out of 100 universities globally, KU Leuven is a world-renowned academic institution.
University of Ghent in the Belgium
University of Ghent
Renowned for its engineering, scientific, and humanities departments, the University of Ghent has been a premier school since its establishment in 1817.
University in the Belgium
Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)
A prestigious university that places a high value on research and innovation.
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Student Visas

A student visa is necessary for Indian nationals who wish to pursue education at Belgian universities
Student residence permit (Type A): Once you’ve arrived in Belgium and registered with the local town, you can apply for this permit. It is valid for five years.
Student Visas Belgium

Scholarships for Indian Students

Popular Courses

Student Life

(A) Cost of living for Students

In Belgium, the cost of living fluctuates by city and according to individual lifestyle decisions.
Cost of living for Students in Belgium

(B) Part-Time Work Opportunities

A wide variety of part-time opportunities are available to students in fields such as retail, delivery services, hospitality and tourism, and more.
Masters in UK University
Internship Opportunities in Belgium

(C) Internship Opportunities

Internships are broadly regarded in Belgium and provide Indian students with great chances to obtain hands-on experience, boost their employability, and establish professional connections.
Explore Belgium

Cultural Experience

Belgium presents a diverse array of cultural influences, encompassing historical landmarks, artistic marvels, and gastronomic delights. Through activities such as strolling through the medieval alleys of Bruges and indulging in the internationally acclaimed Belgian delicacies, students have the opportunity to fully engage with the abundant cultural legacy of the nation.
Indian Student Associations
Indian student associations in Belgium foster a sense of community and support among their members. These organizations facilitate social gatherings, cultural activities, and events that allow students to connect, share, and appreciate their heritage.
Belgium Cultural Experience

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