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5 Ways to Get a Job While Studying Abroad for Indian Students

“How will I cover my expenses overseas?”

 A common question among many Indian study abroad aspirants was troubling Ashutosh as well, another study abroad aspirant from Mumbai. The university tuition could be taken care of, but is that all?

“What about my travel expenses and other living costs?”

“How can I get a job while studying abroad?”

“How can I look for a part-time job in a foreign land?”

His list of questions goes on and on. I am sure so are yours, study abroad aspirants.
Going for a study abroad in a foreign land, an unknown place, could be a challenge when it comes to looking for a work opportunity.
“Who is going to hire me when I go to study abroad?”
These questions may worry you more, but fret not, since this is the prime thing we are going to dive into further and explore five intriguing ways to look for a job while studying abroad.
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“How will I know about any vacancy in the foreign land anyway?”
So let us begin. Shall we?

1. Employ campus career resource

Going to study abroad at a fancy university?
Great, but…
Your university isn’t just a fancy study-abroad college with fancy hostels and libraries. Many countries allow international students to legally work part-time while studying at their universities.
Hence, make sure to utilize their career center facilities. They have job boards, career counseling, and even connections to local companies looking for international talent like you. Plus, some universities even offer work-study programs that let you work on campus, eliminating the need to look for off-campus jobs.
Although you should keep your options open to see what suits you best as per your needs.

2. Explore on-campus and off-campus work options

Keep your options open; a job could be lent from both on-campus and off-campus.
Yes, as previously discussed above, many universities offer on-campus work opportunities for international students studying there. Which is why you should make sure to update your resume to the latest date and apply before other students do, since the university’s on-campus job openings fill up very quickly. You could work as a library assistant, work in the cafeteria of the university, etc.
Besides great options on campus, students can also apply for work opportunities off campus, offering them a wider choice of career aspects to pick from. Make online job portals like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. your best friends, and make sure to apply for student-friendly jobs.
Students should, however, read and comprehend the regulations governing off-campus employment in the country before applying for these positions, since failing to act accordingly may result in the cancellation of their student visa.

3. Attain language proficiency and upskill yourself

Learning a local language is a must when you are going to study abroad in a country where the first language is not English. It is always suggested to learn the basic level of local languages in non-English-speaking countries. Otherwise, it gets complicated to land a job in such countries.
Although, even if you are traveling to an English-speaking country, make sure to polish your command of the language so that you can be eligible for a greater number of jobs overseas.
Another important aspect of getting a work opportunity overseas is making sure to upskill your current skills. Landing a job anywhere requires you to upskill accordingly. Therefore, targeting work opportunities overseas requires more focused upskilling.

4. Build a robust network

As discussed, finding part-time work can be a challenge for students studying abroad. Some find jobs quickly, while others may have to wait weeks or months. To find out about vacant student jobs and maybe even get some assistance applying for one, it’s vital to talk to other students, meet individuals from all walks of life, and build a strong network.
In addition to helping you during your time abroad, a solid network is an invaluable tool that will serve you well in the years to come.

5. Overcome your fears and get out for more

“I am new here in a foreign land; how can I talk to someone and get a job here?”
“Will I be able to do the job properly here?”
Well, yes, we do understand your concerns regarding working abroad. Although it’s better to go and look inside the bush than wonder what could be inside there, you never know until you try.
Therefore, drop your fear and go out and look for a job that suits you. You have already made it to your dream university abroad, but just putting the logo of the university in your LinkedIn profile won’t elevate your profile or resume. The employers always go on to ask, “What all did you do in those years?” Make sure you start preparing for it.


There are numerous work opportunities for international students studying abroad, but none of them will come to your dorm itself. You have to find your best-suited work opportunity overseas through all of these means. Utilizing your university’s career center, applying for job opportunities in both on-campus and off-campus locations, learning the local language properly just so you are able to communicate on your job, and focusing on building a robust network that will help you land student jobs that are not even listed online.
You have to go out and represent India overseas as the unofficial cultural ambassador; do it in the best way possible, and we believe in you.
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Akash Garg
Akash Garg
5 months ago

Liked the Content, Thanks for sharing.

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