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Our Privacy Policy


Global Vision Overseas, owner of the publishes this privacy policy to state out how Global Vision Overseas employs and protects any information that you share with Global Vision Overseas while using the website
Global Vision Overseas is committed to protect the privacy of the user and use the data for their own business use.
Global Vision Overseas may change this policy from time to time so it is suggested to keep a check on this time to time to avoid any confusions.

Information Collected

User’s information is collected to provide curated results according to their likes and preferences. Information is collected by us in the following ways:

Employment of the information

All the information shared by user on the website is used by Global Vision Overseas to maintain their data and to cater the best results and services to the user according to their searches and preferences.
Global Vision Overseas may use the data to alter and improve their services and products according to the feedbacks from users. The contact information shared by the users will be used to be contacted over a call, message or on email.
The emails submitted by the users will also be used to send promotional emails and other announcements of the company.

Information Privacy

Global Vision Overseas do not sell, lease or distribute data of users to third party unless they are requested for it or are bounded by the law to do so.
For users, if they believe Global Vision Overseas owns wrong or incorrect data about them and would want Global Vision Overseas to make the necessary rectifications, may mail the same to the company.

Cookies collected

Other than the data of the users submitted by them intentionally, Global Vision Overseas also stores Cookies of the users which is submitted to the website when accessed.
Global Vision Overseas utilise the data from the cookies to analyse the user behvaiour on their website.
The sole purpose of storing cookies is for maintaining Statistical records of the website.

Privacy for Children

Global Vision Overseas does not entertain children below the age of 13. Their data, if stored, will be deleted by the company when noticed.
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