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Frequently Asked Questions

Will studying abroad help my career?

Studying abroad will not just be an uplift for your resume but will also offer you a life that challenges you enough to force you out of your shell for a better future. From having the opportunity to build global networks in this era of globalization and exploring different cultures to elevating academic standards and boosting your resume, studying abroad can be the next best step for your career.

How can I choose a country to study abroad?

Choosing a country to study abroad is the first and most important step in this promising journey. To decide on the best option for you, your estimated budget for both tuition and living costs, the course you want to study, and your personal preference for a specific culture are all factors that add up to finding the best possible country for your further studies.

When is the right time to apply to study abroad?

“The time will never be just right." Start today!
The application and visa process could be a tedious process and may take time, depending on the country you opt for. It is suggested to start preparing your application six months to one year in advance of the admission year you want to target.

How can Global Vision Overseas help me find the right course?

Choosing the right course as per your interest and background sounds exciting, yet a challenge at times with the abundance of options. With our personalized counseling sessions tailored according to each individual’s requirements, we, as Global Vision Overseas, make sure to aid in the best way possible.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to study abroad?

An individual’s eligibility depends on the course and country they decide on. However, a good academic ackground, a satisfactory grade in the English proficiency test, a powerful SOP, and a valid passport are some of the basic eligibility requirements that can unlock the doors of your dream to study abroad.

How can I contact Global Vision Overseas?

Contact us today to begin this journey of unlocking your dream to study abroad. You can fill out the contact form on the website, mentioning your details, so our team can contact you from our end. You can even write to us at or call us at +91- 9107777888 during business hours from Monday to Friday.

Can Global Vision Overseas help me with an education loan?

Certainly. As one of our specialized services, we aim to assist any individual that requires financial aid by helping with both tuition fee transfer guidance and education loan approvals.

Can Global Vision Overseas help me with student visa approvals?

Student visa approval is like the final cherry on top, yet also the most important ingredient of all. Being a complex procedure, we at Global Vision Overseas recognize the complications, which is why we offer a team of seasoned visa specialists who are experts in turning this complex situation into a simplified one. They guide you through visa interviews, offering tips, strategies, and sample questions to prepare for. Our experts make sure to lend a helping hand at every turn of the situation, making it a stress-free process for you.
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