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7 Lesser-Known Countries in Europe for Your Study Abroad Programs - Explore Hidden Gems

Ayushi, a study abroad aspirant, always wanted to study in the land of grand coliseums, fairytale castles, and enough delicious food to make her tastebuds do a happy dance.

Yes, you guessed it right. She always dreamed of studying in Europe. Although her challenge was something that many wanderlusters like her could imagine,. She didn’t want to study in a popular European nation, but in a country under Europe that is a hidden gem and is equally regarded when it comes to education.

When it comes to Ayushi’s study abroad choice, do you relate?

Which European countries can you and Ayushi study in that have exquisite and hidden gems?

According to a popular study, over 50,000 Indian students studied in Europe in 2023.

Europe has always been a popular continent for Indian students to study abroad. The continent offers options for students to pick from, with 44 countries total, out of which 27 are Schengen countries.

However, beyond the Eiffel Tower lies Europe. There are numerous lesser-known European destinations that offer a unique cultural experience away from the masses with quality education regarded worldwide (and perhaps even substantial student discounts!). Therefore, put away the mundane and prepare to explore with the aid of this list.

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia:

Welcome to Ljubljana, Slovenia!

Imagine a charming city with a charming historic center and a peaceful river meandering through it, all encircled by majestic mountains.

It sounds absolutely stunning! Isn’t it?

Let us also introduce you to Ljubljana! With its medieval castle and trendy cafes, the Slovenian capital is a vibrant hub of culture.

In addition, the University of Ljubljana is a prestigious institution offering a diverse selection of programs taught in English. Additionally, Slovenia is renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes, making weekend hikes in the Julian Alps an absolute necessity!

Wait, don’t just pack your bags already; we have more such beautiful hidden gems in European countries for study abroad programs.

2. Utrecht, Netherlands:

Get ready to cycle around this beautiful country.

The number of Indian students enrolled in Dutch universities increased marginally from the previous year to 3,363 in 2021–22.

The Netherlands is underrated when it comes to offering quality education in Europe.

Utrecht, the hip sibling of Amsterdam, boasts an exciting student scene without the exorbitant costs. With its youthful population, charming canal network, and prestigious university that prioritizes sustainability and innovation, this Dutch city is an ideal destination for eco-conscious individuals looking to make a difference!

3. Brno, Czech Republic:

Prague is undoubtedly beautiful, but have you ever come across Brno, the Czech Republic’s second-largest city?

No? Great, because we are going to introduce you to a city that is not less than paradise.

This place is filled with fascinating history, boasting impressive architectural marvels such as the Špilberk Castle. Furthermore, it has a vibrant student community that adds to its lively atmosphere. Living in this city is more affordable than in Prague, making it a great choice for those Indian students who are on a tight budget.

Brno, home to Masaryk University, is a fantastic destination for those who love to explore and have a passion for academics. With its rich history and wide range of programs, this university is a top choice for Indian students in Central Europe.

Studying abroad on a budget in a beautiful country seemed like a dream. Isn’t it?

Not anymore.

4. Leuven, Belgium:

Attention, all beer lovers! (We don’t promote that, but it’s a part of their culture.)

With over 700 Indian students enrolled in Belgium universities in 2022, Belgium is growing as a popular study abroad destination but still a hidden gem.

Leuven, a city with a rich history in Flanders, Belgium, is renowned for being the birthplace of Stella Artois and its long-standing brewing heritage.

Aside from its renowned university (KU Leuven), Leuven has much more to offer than just its hops. The city has a delightful blend of medieval architecture and vibrant student culture, providing an unparalleled experience.

History enthusiasts, you may explore and learn more here than in your classrooms.

5. Valletta, Malta:

It’s time to embrace the allure of island life!

Nestled in the Mediterranean, Malta is a captivating archipelagic nation. It boasts breathtaking beaches, pristine waters, and a fascinating history that stretches back to ancient times.

The University of Malta has the prestigious title of being the oldest higher learning institution in the entire Commonwealth. Additionally, the university community widely speaks English, ensuring no language barrier issues.

Malta is a top choice among Indian students to study abroad since it’s scenic beauty and quality education attract a lot of students for their study abroad programs.

Malta’s picturesque landscapes and high-quality education make it an extremely popular destination for Indian students for their study abroad programs.

6. Riga, Latvia:

Prepare to fall in love with Riga, the capital of Latvia.

Immerse yourself in the charm of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, where a medieval old town awaits with its enchanting cobbled streets and awe-inspiring architecture.

Latvia is a country that boasts a fascinating fusion of Baltic and Slavic cultures. Moreover, the University of Latvia stands out as a prestigious research institution. According to recent reports, there are more than 2800 international students studying in Latvia, and the number has been increasing every year since the previous decade.

7. Bergen, Norway

You must be familiar with the Northern Lights.

With your study abroad program, how about you get to experience it?

Sounds about right!

If you’re looking for an exciting escapade and the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, Norway is the ultimate choice.

You can anticipate their breathtaking natural landscapes to enthrall you when it comes to cities like Bergen and Trondheim. These cities are perfect for those who love spending time outdoors, as they offer a plethora of outdoor activities to indulge in.

Moreover, both Bergen and Trondheim boast top-ranked universities that excel in engineering, science, and the social sciences.

“But being in a country that hosts the Northern Lights and offers such quality education could be expensive for me!”

We would say, “Think again!”

Public universities in Norway offer tuition-free education, making it budget-friendly and a beautiful hidden gem in Europe for your study overseas aspirations.

Too much in one?

Well, now it is definitely time to pack your bags!


With you and Ayushi ready to explore the hidden gems of Europe in Slovenia, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Malta, Latvia, and Norway, we would also take realistic grounds and suggest that every student do their own research and explore their favorite courses and universities as per the budget that suits them.

“But how am I going to do the full process?”

It sounds like a concern, but not when Global Vision Overseas stays at the brisk with a boat waiting for you to take you for a ride.

Our team at Global Vision Overseas provides end-to-end services so that you can focus solely on your dreams and plan your future.

Do not be afraid to step off the beaten path.

Your European study abroad adventure awaits your feet!

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