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An international outlook to accelerate your ambition.
Finding the right degree or college is one of the most important decisions your family will make. The choice of a right university abroad will enrich and enhance your student-life, and even impact your future. Finding the right fit, however, can be a daunting task. And that is where we play a pivotal role as the best overseas education consultants in Hyderabad.

What we offer

Students and their success is the foundation of everything we have to offer. We are the best overseas education consultants in Hyderabad who bring an international outlook through our panel of counselling experts who come with the experience of studying abroad. Therefore, we are proud to say that we lead aspirants by setting the right standards and expectations.

Career Counselling

Instead of taking a run-of-the-mill approach, we believe in providing individual solutions and advice to every aspirant along with their family. The process to do so involves multiple rounds of initial assessment of the student, his/her aptitude, respective goals, selection and customization of the right path through the right degree and university.

Thereafter, based on the professional judgement of our experts we orchestrate a step-wise and reliable plan of action for the student along with university recommendation, financial estimates, cultural conditioning, travel guidance, accommodation instructions and other vital data required for the seamless completion of their degrees.

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    Admission guidance

    Admission guidance is a complicated subject to tackle. Especially because various counties have different set of benchmarks and measures as qualifiers. We compile the required criteria to be satisfied by you.

    Or based on your existing qualification, we comprehensively shortlist the best career options, international degrees and certified universities abroad of your choice.

    Study Abroad Admission Guidance

    What Student Say’s

    Sai Kiran

    “ There were so many doubts swirling in my as well as my parent’s mind before we decided to apply to various universities aboard. But with consistent guidance and advice from Global Vision Overseas we were able to complete all the processes with ease and now I am happily pursuing my PG degree in the USA. ”

    Suresh Teja

    “ After my higher secondary education I was frantic about applying to as many universities as possible in the United Kingdom for my graduate degree. But Global Vision Overseas streamlined the process for me by helping me find the courses that catered to my aptitude properly. ”

    M Lakshmi

    “ I had applied to several universities during the final year of my graduation degree, but due to persistent rejection I had to take a gap year. Global Vision Overseas helped me improve my approach and conditioned my perspective to meet international standards, helping me get through to the college of my choice in the United Kingdom. ”

    Shruthi K

    “ It was very difficult to shortlist appropriate universities for the master’s program that I was looking for in the USA. Especially when it came to future opportunities associated with the majors, Global Vision Overseas was of big help and we will always be thankful for their sincere guidance. ”