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8 Myths to Ignore About Studying Abroad: For Indian Study Abroad Aspirants

“Will studying abroad clear up all the money from our bank accounts?”

“Will I be lost in the crowd when I go to study abroad?”

“Will my degree from abroad be valid for jobs in India?”

“Will I be able to make it abroad anyway?”

And the questions about the myths about studying abroad kept rolling in Rishabh’s mind. Rishabh, a study abroad aspirant, wants to pursue a UG course abroad. Although, after surfing through hours of Google and listening to his family’s and relatives’ mixed opinions about it, he created several myths about studying overseas.

Gotta help a friend in need, isn’t it?

Let’s pop the bubbles of myth our friend Rishabh and likely you too or someone in your known (share the blog with them) has formed about studying abroad. Shall we?

In 2022, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) reported that in excess of 13 lakh (1.3 million) Indian students were pursuing their education overseas.

Many Indian students have long aspired to study abroad, as it provides the opportunity to get a global education, gain exposure to various cultures, and improve their career opportunities.
However, several myths among people and misunderstandings in general frequently surround the concept of studying abroad, discouraging or confusing prospective scholars from the beginning of this educational journey.

So what are these myths about studying abroad?

Let’s debunk these 8 myths about studying abroad one by one.

Myth 1: Studying abroad? It is too expensive!

“My parents or I can’t afford for me to study abroad.”
We hear this quite often, but is there no solution to this? Definitely, there is.

While it’s true that international education can be costly to some extent, there are numerous methods to reduce the financial burdens. Several scholarships, grants, and financial aid options are accessible to Indian students.

Besides the aid, a number of nations permit international students to work part-time while pursuing their education in order to help themselves cover their living costs.

Additionally, there are several international destinations that provide quality education, which helps you keep your dream of studying abroad in check.

Not to forget, studying abroad is an investment for a better future. Considering the ROI on this investment, it is worth it.

Myth 2: Language barrier: You cannot communicate in a foreign land.

“I may not be able to talk to people because of language barriers.”

Not really.

Another widely held myth is that studying abroad is difficult due to language barriers, particularly for individuals whose native tongue is not English. However, English serves as the primary medium of instruction in numerous prestigious colleges across the globe.
Furthermore, several nations provide educational programs in English, thereby eliminating the necessity for fluency in the local language. In addition, numerous universities offer language support services to aid students in adapting and achieving academic success.

So putting it in the language cannot be an excuse or a myth.

Bonus tip: Although you can study abroad seamlessly without any language issues, it is still recommended to learn the language. Why? Check out how studying abroad can transform your life for the better.

Myth 3: Studying abroad is only for genius students.

“I didn’t score 90%+ on the boards. How can I study abroad?”

Studying abroad isn’t just for brilliant students; it is for everyone.
While good grades are important, universities also take extracurricular activities, leadership abilities, and a well-rounded personality into account throughout the admissions process.

Many countries and universities embrace diversity and actively seek out students with diverse viewpoints and talents.

As a result, students with an appetite for knowledge and a desire to travel can find excellent opportunities to study abroad.

So, this is for everyone: if you want to pursue education overseas, don’t just focus on the grades; work on your personality overall.

Myth 4: Getting lost among the crowd from all over the world.

“I may not be able to make friends abroad, and I will be all lost.”


Picture this: An energetic campus full of students from all around the world eager to meet and share their cultures. Hostels, clubs, and foreign student groups become your new family, providing you with support, friendship, and even a Bollywood dance night or two (yes, it does happen).
Moreover, Indians are everywhere on this globe (except inside the oceans, or you never know). Hence, do not undervalue the reach of social media either. You’ll be amazed at how many other Indians are waiting to welcome you with open arms (and chai!).

Myth 5: Going abroad to study? It is not safe anymore!

“Will studying in this country be safe?”

Another general and valid question students and especially parents have is whether studying abroad is safe. Although the safety levels will vary from country to country, it’s a concern that shouldn’t hamper your dream of studying abroad.

Helping foreign students find housing, advising on the best public transportation alternatives, and connecting you with other students to form travel buddies are all part of the established systems that most universities have in place to make international students feel secure and settled.
Additionally, Indian student associations are present in almost every country Indian students wish to study in, with whom one may wish to discuss matters such as safety and other things.


Yes, research the country in which you intend to pursue higher education and educate yourself on any safety precautions that may be necessary.

Myth 6: You will forget your Indian roots and become westernized.

“You will be westernized and forget your Indian roots.”

We know that you will likely hear this frequently. This is among the most prevalent myths regarding studying abroad. While one might acknowledge the concern, in all honesty, it truly does depend on the individual.

Furthermore, what if you consider this issue from an alternative point of view?

Think of it: you are traveling overseas for your education as an ‘Indian’; you represent India. You are an unofficial ambassador of Indian culture to the world around you. The global pupil that you are going to interact with will learn about India from you.

While it is advisable to involve oneself in the culture of the host country when studying abroad, the myth that doing so will cause one to lose touch with one’s Indian roots is completely false.

It is more of a collaboration of global cultures, and you will be representing India. For that, take pride in that.

Myth 7: An international degree isn’t considered by Indian companies.

“Will companies in India hire me if I study abroad?”


Some students have this bubble of myth in their heads that degrees earned overseas might not be acknowledged in the Indian job market.

In actuality, many multinational companies and industries appreciate foreign exposure and a global perspective.

The highest caliber of education, a unique skill set, adaptability in different cultures, and a robust global network are among the strongest attributes for an individual who chooses to study abroad. Ultimately making them a desirable candidate in the job market.

Not just in the Indian job market, studying abroad opens up your path to a global career by increasing the possibility of employment in foreign companies after graduating from abroad.

Myth 8: Getting a visa is just too complicated.

“I want to study abroad, but these visa procedures are too confusing.”

Visa procedures for any reason could be complicated, but should a problem like this stop you from realizing your dream?

It is true to an extent that handling visa procedures can be difficult when you do it all by yourself, but with the right guidance, it can be managed.

The majority of nations have established specific rules for student visas, and numerous colleges and universities assist students using seminars or experts who aid in the application procedure.

However, where exactly does the issue exist?

It’s possible that you’re unaware of crucial insights and information or that the tedious procedure for visa applications is confusing you.

Worry not!

This is when your study abroad partner agency plays their role. A reliable study abroad partner would provide assistance with all visa-related matters and ensure a seamless journey.

Global Vision Overseas, India’s leading study abroad partner, operates to make your aspiration “our own.” As a trusted visionary partner for your study abroad dream, we provide all end-to-end services, including visa assistance.

You chose studying abroad to elevate your career, and we want you to focus on the same. Allow us to take care of other complications for your dream.


Studying abroad is a life-changing experience that opens doors to countless opportunities to grow, both personal and professional. So, my dear study abroad aspirants and their parents (and, of course, Rishabh), stop listening to the naysayers and do your own research.

An opportunity to learn, grow, and perhaps even find a new version of yourself awaits you when you choose to study abroad. Jump in, gather your stuff (don’t forget Maggi packs), and experience the whole world. You never know; you might even surprise yourself.

And hey! Do not forget to send us a postcard!

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